Anniversary List

Zithos: the first beer house of Greece!

Zithos is the first beer house that appeared in Thessaloniki, in the district of Ladadika in 1990, while five years later the second restaurant of Zithos appears, in the historic district of old Dore.
Our aim is to create a unique tradition in the field of restaurants, which combines the traditional Mediterranean cuisine, with the fresh beer and the excellent wine.

Zithos Dore: under the White Tower!

In the shadow of White Tower, you can find the second restaurant of Zithos. It is placed exactly where it was in the past, the old historic haunt of Thessaloniki Dore, with its incomparable charm and glamour that the political, social, cultural and sporting life of the city gave it.
Since it was founded in 1995 until today, and with obvious inclination to respond fully to the historical significance of the place, Dore-Zithos succeeds even today to win our hearts with both the environment and the architecture.


In the last five years a new trend flourished in Greece, the Greek microbrewery.

Today this trend has evolved, as almost every region has its own microbrewery. Zithos, the first beer house in Greece, embraced that effort from the beginning. In the first place, by integrating these beers in its list and then maintaining only these in its catalogue, removing the imported ones, because we believe that:

They contribute particularly to the structure of the Greek expedition map, offering unique beer recipes, with the example of high quality, unpasteurized, unfiltered, products of rich gastronomic value, that have nothing to envy from the imported ones.

They help create new jobs and support the Greek production and economy. So, in our catalog we have only Greek beers, from all Greek microbrewery, from every region of our country.

Let’s expand our taste buds, while supporting the Greek production!


    Our vision is to turn “Zithos” into a benchmark in modern lifestyle. We believe in the quality of service, that surpasses consumer’s expectations. We want to bring our consumers in touch with the incomparable flavors of our country and the Mediterranean recipes, taking advantage of the amazing wealth of Greek products. We want to fulfill our customer’s for quality food, good fresh beer, and excellent wine at affordable prices, with the objective of total quality.


    Firstly, finding the best fresh raw materials, which we will use in our menu and seasonal special plates

    Secondly, the constant training of our stuff, in order to know, understand and implement in the best way our services

    Third, maintaining an excellent environment for us and our customers, aiming at bringing them in touch with the beginning of the century by respecting the tradition and then for the planet, by following recycling and certification programs.


    Zithos In Dore | Tsirogianni 7 Thessaloniki
    tel: (+30) 2310 27 90 10
    Zithos In Ladadika | katouni 5 Thessaloniki
    tel: (+30) 2310 54 02 84